Olympic ceremony attack `nonsense`: London mayor

Aidan Burley posted a message to his Twitter account accusing London Olympics opening ceremony of being too "leftie".

Updated: Jul 29, 2012, 00:08 AM IST

London: London`s mayor says a fellow member of Britain`s governing Conservative Party was talking nonsense when he criticised the Olympic opening ceremony as too political.

Aidan Burley, a 33-year-old legislator, posted a message to his Twitter account accusing yesterday`s ceremony of being too "leftie" slang for politically left wing and criticising its use of rap music.

Director Danny Boyle`s ceremony hailed Britain`s National Health Service, begun in 1944 under a centre-left Labour Party government, and celebrated the nation`s ethnic diversity.

London Mayor Boris Johnson, a member of the centre-right Conservatives, said Burley`s comments were "nonsense”, and the event had left him with "hot tears of patriotic pride”.

Burley last year lost a junior government role after he attended a party in France where a guest wore a Nazi uniform.