Olympics: UK arresting `marginal` terror suspects

British police is arresting ``marginal`` terror suspects in a bid to ``clear the decks`` ahead of the Olympics.

Last Updated: Jul 09, 2012, 13:17 PM IST

London: British police is arresting ``marginal`` terror suspects in a bid to ``clear the decks`` ahead of the Olympics, the terrorism watchdog has said.

According to The Telegraph, David Anderson, the independent reviewer of terror legislation, said the Games are a ``major target`` for terrorists, and police is intervening in cases than they would normally do.

Anderson said: "The Olympics are potentially a major target and you are seeing the police, perhaps in a marginal case what they might do is decide to intervene a little bit earlier."

Anderson`s comments follow a series of arrests by counter-terrorism officers in recent weeks, the report said.

West Midlands Police had arrested seven men after guns and a rudimentary improvised device were found hidden in a car.

The vehicle had been stopped by chance by police for having no insurance, but the discovery was not made until it had been impounded.

It raised the suspicion that a group was planning a plot to carry out attacks.

It has also emerged that a suspected al Qaeda terrorist passed through the Olympic Park on five separate occasions, despite being banned from doing so.

The 24-year-old, who can only be referred to as CF, was arrested for breaching the terms of his an order under the Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Act, referred to as a ``Tpim``.

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said the multiple breaches "raise very serious questions about the Home Secretary`s judgment in downgrading counter terror powers in Olympic year against expert advice".