One day, my name will be cleared, China`s Bo Xilai claims in letter

In the letter addressed to his family, Bo has expressed his gratitude towards his parents, and sent a message for his two sons.

Updated: Sep 19, 2013, 17:00 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau/Supriya Jha

Jinan: Just days before announcement of verdict in Bo Xilai bribery scandal case, the fallen Chinese politician has jotted down a letter from prison, claiming that one day his name will be cleared, reported a Chinese daily.

In the letter addressed to his family, Bo has expressed his gratitude towards his parents, and sent a message for his two sons.

Bo Xilai, ex Communist Party chief of Chongqing metropolis, faced a trial spanning over five days (Aug 22-26) where Bo was accused of graft, bribery and of misusing power to cover up his wife’s role in a British businessman Neil Heywood’s murder.

Throughout the trial, Bo denied the charges aggressively vehemently denied the charges against him, presenting an aggressive defence.

Bo retained the defiant tone in the letter saying he would follow his father and “will wait quietly in the prison", the South China Morning Post quoted him as saying.

"My father was jailed many times. I will follow his footsteps."

Hoping that one day he will be exempted of the charges and his name would be cleared, Xilai remembered his parents saying, "Father and mother have passed away, but their teachings continue to serve me well. I would not disgrace their glorious past. I could suffer even greater miseries."

Talking of his mother, Bo said how he kept her picture by his bedside and did not feel alone.

Bo Xilai’s father Bo Yibo was a top communist leader who went to the gallows several times during Cultural Revolution of 1960S.

His mother, Hu Ming, committed suicide during the Cultural Revolution, according to official accounts.

Expressing thankfulness towards his family, Bo wrote, “In these distressful hours, [I realised that] blood is thicker than water... I felt stronger when you were sitting behind me during the trial", the SCMP reported.

Bo also left a message for his two sons - Li Wangzhi , 35, born to his first wife, and Bo Kuangyi , better known as Bo Guagua , who was born to his second wife Gu Kailai .

"I wish they could take over the family tradition and achieve something. I hope that they become good brothers," the daily quoted Bo.

The letter which is dated last Thursday, has surfaced just three days before The Jinan People`s Intermediate Court will announce the verdict on Bo on September 22.
Accusing him of bribery worth $4.4 million, the prosecution has demanded strict punishment for Bo, but according to a Chinese media report, he may file appeal and the case could drag on.