Only 6 % of UK is urban: New satellite map

Semi-natural grasslands are found across 13 per cent of Britain.

London: A new satellite map has revealed that the urban sprawl in Britain accounts only for six percent of its total landscape.

The map brought out by Centre for Ecology and Hydrology shows that a quarter of all land is comprised mainly of arable and horticultural areas.

‘Improved grassland’, which is managed for pasture, silage or recreation, makes up another 25 per cent of the country, while mountains, heaths and bogs account for 16 per cent of the land mass, The Daily Mail reports.

Semi-natural grasslands are found across 13 per cent of Britain while urban areas, coniferous woodland and broadleaf woods each make up six per cent of the total.
The remaining three per cent of the land is made up of coastal and freshwater habitats.

“At a time when our land surface is under increasing pressure, reliable information on land cover is essential. The demands that we place on our land are often conflicting and need to be balanced to maintain and enhance our quality of life,” Dr Dan Morton, of the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology was quoted as saying.

“To address these issues and plan for the future, we need to know what we have on our land surface and where it is,” he added.

The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, which is part of the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council, has research sites in Bangor, Edinburgh, Lancaster and Wallingford.
It informs the government of environmental change.


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