Orlando shooting: SHOCKING! What really happened inside nightclub - Eyewitnesses recount horror

Know the full horror that unfolded inside Pulse nightclub.

Orlando shooting: SHOCKING! What really happened inside nightclub - Eyewitnesses recount horror

Florida: Eyewitnesses at Pulse nightclub have revealed the full horror that unfolded in the most deadly shooting in US history.

Reportedly, the attacker was armed with an assault rifle, a handgun and an unspecified "device".

According to Orlando Police Chief John Mina, "It appears he was organised and well-prepared." 

When did it start?

The carnage began about 2 AM, just before closing time, according to eyewitnesses.

Most of the people were taking their last sip when the shooting began, say eyewitnesses.

What really happened inside Pulse nightclub?

One Jon Alamo says he was at the back of one of the club’s rooms when a man holding a weapon came into the front.

“I heard 20, 40, 50 shots; the music stopped,” Alamo revealed, according to a report in news.co.au

Gunman raked the club with bullets

Clubber Ricardo Negron, who was inside the club when the shooting began, says the gunman raked the club with bullets.

"At around 2 AM someone started shooting. People just dropped on the floor. I guess the shooter was shooting at the ceiling because you could see all the glass from the lamps falling,” Ricardo Negron said.

Non-stop firing

Ricardo Negron described hearing “non-stop firing” that lasted less than a minute but felt like longer.

'I thought it may have been the music'

Another clubber, Christopher Hansen, said he heard “loud banging noises, like gunshots going off”.

"At first I thought it may have been the music “until I heard too many shots. It was like, bang, bang, bang, bang,” Ricardo Negron said.

“I fell down. I crawled out. When I got across the street, there were people - blood everywhere, ” Ricardo Negron added.

'People are getting shot'

A terrified witness was heard saying “Oh my god, people are getting shot, dude. Oh my God!” 

Ricardo Negron Almodovar, who escaped the club, posted a horrific description on his Facebook page.

Another eyewitness said, "It was getting closer and louder and louder."

'Never seen so many dead bodies'

One Juan Rivera said that he had never seen so many dead bodies on the ground.

DJ Ray Rivera told The Daily Beast that he thought the gunshots were just firecrackers at first before realising the full horror of the situation.

“I ducked behind my DJ booth,” Rivera added.

Orlando shooting

Islamic State (IS) terrorist group has claimed the responsibility for the shootings in which at least 50 people were killed and 53 others injured when a "lone wolf" gunman opened fire early on Sunday in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, where a state of emergency has been declared.

In a message published on the group’s semi-official news agency, Amaq, it described gunman Omar Mateen as a “soldier of the caliphate”.

The gunman Omar Mateen, 29, was killed by a SWAT team after he took hostages at Pulse, a popular gay night club. 

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