Outcry in US after raped Liberian girl is shunned by family

A minor Liberian girl is now in foster care after being shunned by family after rape.

Phoenix (US): Lured by promises of chewing
gum then allegedly raped in a shed by four boys barely older
than her, an 8-year-old Liberian girl is now in foster care
and living with strangers after being shunned by her family.

The alleged sexual assault in Phoenix and reaction by
her family have sparked an international outcry, reaching all
the way to the president of Liberia, the home country of the
girl`s family and the four young suspects.

"I think that family is wrong. They should help that
child who has been traumatised and they should make sure that
they work with the US law authorities to see what can be
done about the other young boys who have committed this
offense," Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf told.

"Not only should they abide by the law, but they too
need serious counseling because clearly they are doing
something, something that is no longer acceptable in our
society here."

Sirleaf has tried to combat rape in recent years,
seeking to dispel stigmas by publicly acknowledging that she
was herself the victim of attempted rape during the country`s
civil war.

But experts who study the developing world say the
parents` reaction highlights the struggles of many women
around the globe.

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