‘Over 50% young Black men unemployed in UK’

The astonishing stats revealed unemployment figures were as high as 55.9% for young black men as compared to 23.9% of white men in 2011.

Zeenews Bureau

London: Although it’s a reality that the recession ‘bug’ hit every working-professional, new data obtained by ‘The Guardian’ reveals a racial angle to the quandary, as Blacks seem to have paid a dearer cost than the Whites.

According to the leading British daily, unpublished statistics released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), young Black men were hit the most.

The astonishing stats revealed unemployment figures were as high as 55.9% for young Black men as compared to 23.9% of White men in 2011. The statistical figures ranged from 2006 to 2011. There was much lower disparity in 2008, when only 17.0 % of Whites and 28.8 % Blacks were affected.

As the data includes, small population sample size of 16-24 age-groups of unemployed people, the ONS has cautioned that the gender breakdown should be treated with caution.

The data included people from four ethnicities -Asians, Mixed, White and Black which was further categorised on the basis of sex- People, Men and Women. Interestingly, 39.1% of ‘fairer sex’ hit by recession were among blacks as compared to 17.2% whites, 22.6% of mixed and 26.1% of Asians.

The above-mentioned figures show higher youth unemployment rates and smaller increases for black groups.

The figures not only highlight the challenge to tackle unemployment in minority ethnic groups but also the growing gender disparity - women are about a third less likely to be unemployed than men with overall unemployment rate of women at 18.5% versus 24.9% for men in 2011 data.

One of the key factors which pushed youth unemployment higher than the average of adults is that students were counted in three ways: a full time student doing an evening job, a student looking for work but is not getting (unemployed) and economically inactive student.