Oz PM Gillard escapes egg attack

Australia`s new PM Julia Gillard on Friday narrowly missed an egg thrown at her.

Melbourne: Australia`s new Prime Minister
Julia Gillard on Friday narrowly missed an egg thrown at her
during her first visit to Perth since assuming the top post
and apologised to the woman security guard who was hit.

The egg was lobbed at Gillard by a man protesting against
rates of pay for employees when she was entering the
Australian Broadcasting Corporation`s office in the western
Australian city for a radio interview.
The 55-year-old man from the northern Perth suburb of
North Beach, who was not named, was charged by police for
throwing the egg, ABC reported.

According to an ABC staff member, the man was sitting in
a coffee shop next to the foyer of the ABC building in East
Perth, waiting for Gillard to arrive.

After he threw the egg, it whizzed past Gillard as she
entered the ABC foyer and hit a woman security guard before
smashing against a wall.

Gillard, who appeared unfazed by the incident, said
"I did see something flying past."

"I`ve met the lady who was coming in who ended up with
the egg on the back of a raincoat, fortunately, so she`ll be
able to wipe it off.

"I did apologise to her because I don`t think someone was
throwing an egg at her but she ended up copping the egg," the
Prime Minister said.

Gillard, who became Prime Minister last month after Kevin
Rudd stepped down, said people have a right to disagree with
her, but throwing eggs in not the answer.
"I don`t even know what it was about. I don`t even know
what they are frustrated about, so if people have got
something to say to me what I would obviously prefer is ... a
frank conversation," she said.

Inspector Allan Adams said there was no security breach
and police were not caught off guard.