Ozawa says he will stake political life on serving as leader

DPJ heavyweight Ichiro Ozawa has said he would stake his political life on serving as the nation`s leader.

Tokyo: DPJ heavyweight Ichiro Ozawa has
said he would stake his political life on serving as the
nation`s leader, while PM Naoto Kan reiterated his resolve to
revitalise the economy by creating jobs, as the two contenders
sought to garner support in the party`s leadership race.

"I will strive to work for you by staking my entire
political life," Ozawa said in a joint event with Kan to give
campaign speeches in Tokyo`s Shinjuku district yesterday

Ozawa also said he is ready to fulfill duties as prime
minister, saying, "Japan`s prime minister will be chosen in
the (party) election. I should not avoid responsibility at a
time when the nation is facing great political and economic

Ozawa reiterated that he will bring about a shift of
control over decision-making to politicians from the country`s
bureaucrats to implement the pledges the DPJ made before its
lower house election victory a year ago.

In responding to Ozawa`s criticism over the way to
compile the fiscal 2011 budget, Kan, who is seeking
re-election as head of the party in the Sept 14 leadership
race, said in the joint event that he will come up with a
budget designed to boost the nation`s economy.

"I will definitely create jobs and compile the fiscal
2011 budget aimed at revitalizing the nation`s economy," Kan

He also pledged to improve cooperation between
politicians, bureaucrats and business to better serve the
general public.

It is the first weekend since official campaigning for
the party election began on Wednesday. Kan and Ozawa are
seeking to garner support from rank-and-file party members and
party supporters who will be eligible to vote in the election
in addition to 412 DPJ lawmakers and local assembly members
belonging to the party.


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