Pak rakes up Kashmir; Hillary says won’t mediate

US has no desire to mediate between India and Pak to settle Kashmir issue.

Updated: Jul 20, 2010, 00:31 AM IST

Islamabad: The US has no desire to
mediate between India and Pakistan to settle the Kashmir
dispute and the issue will have to be resolved by the two
countries through negotiations, Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton said here on Sunday.

Kashmir is a complex issue and Pakistan and India need
to sit together and resolve it, Clinton said during an
interaction with a panel of Pakistani television anchors.

The US has no desire to mediate on Kashmir, she said
in response to a question.

Asked about the US condemning crackdowns on protesters
in Iran and describing the demonstrations in Jammu and Kashmir
as an internal matter of India, Clinton said the situation in
Pakistan and India was different from that in Iran.

Pakistan and India are democracies and have free media
while Iran is viewed differently by the US as it does not have
an independent media, she said.

In response to another question on a civil nuclear
deal for Pakistan, Clinton said her administration is
considering the issue but any decision in this regard will
take more time.

It would be premature to say anything now about a
nuclear deal for Pakistan, she said.

Asked if the US will act if it has information about
the presence of terrorist leaders Osama bin Laden and Mullah
Omar in Pakistan, Clinton said their current whereabouts are
not known.

The US wants Pakistani authorities to track and
capture these terrorists, she said.

The US will help in these efforts as the terrorist
leaders pose a major threat to the world, she said.
She added that the US will not abandon Pakistan when
it pulls its troops out of Afghanistan.

The roots of democracy in Pakistan have become
stronger as the country has a free media and strong opposition
and the US wants the democratically elected government to
complete its term, Clinton said.