Palestinian-Israeli meeting `constructive`: US

The US has asked Israel and Palestine to present a comprehensive peace proposals that can become the basis of a negotiation.

Washington: Describing the just-concluded Palestinian-Israeli meeting as "constructive", the US has asked the two parties to present a comprehensive peace proposals that can become the basis of a negotiation.

Thanking Jordan for its initiative to get the Israel and Palestine together, State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said from America`s perspective, the most important thing that`s happened so far, and that`s continuing to happen, is that these parties are talking directly.

"As you know, that was something that the Quartet has called for many, many months, that it was a key tenet of the proposal that was made in September, that really the only way to get where they need to go, is for these parties to talk directly.”

"So we consider that the first round of meetings was constructive, as were their interactions with the Quartet envoys," she said.

After a gap of 15 months, Israeli-Palestine negotiators held "positive" talks in Amman, Jordan and agreed to meet again on Friday.

The Quartet, which groups the United States, the European Union, the United Nations and Russia, has been pressing the Israelis and the Palestinians to resume direct negotiations over a two-state solution.

"We continue to believe that the subject of the conversation needs to be focused on, first of all, territory and security, that both parties should be working towards making comprehensive proposals to each other that can become the basis of a negotiation," Nuland said.

"That is what we`re looking to see as the next round moves forward, and that is the message that we are giving to the parties and that the Quartet as a whole is giving to the parties," she said.

"Our view remains that we would like to see real discussion based on real proposals begin within this month, which is why that we`re encouraged not only that they are talking directly but that there is another direct meeting between them even this week, which we hope will give us some momentum, we hope will give us some grounds to increase the confidence, increase the trust, encourage the sides to really begin working this out themselves," Nuland said.


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