Pan-Islamic body urges Tunisians to restore calm

Saudi-based Islamic Conference urged Tunisians to preserve security and stability.

Jeddah: The world`s largest
pan-Islamic body Sunday urged Tunisians to "preserve security
and stability" after the ouster of strongman Zine El Abidine
Ben Ali in a popular revolt.

The Saudi-based Organisation of the Islamic Conference
said the situation in Tunisia was an "internal matter" but
urged its people to "protect public and private properties."

The 57-member organisation said it hoped Tunisia would
show "the solidarity and unity of its people and their
aspirations for enhancing democracy and good governance."

Soldiers and tanks were deployed around Tunis on
yesterday after extensive looting of shops and homes and
vandals set fire to the main railway station.

Tunisian army troops were seen dragging dozens of
suspected looters from their cars at gunpoint and loading them
into trucks at a checkpoint outside the capital.

Ben Ali signed his resignation on Friday and fled to
Saudi Arabia after a wave of protests sparked by the suicide
of a 26-year-old university graduate prevented by police from
selling fruit and vegetables to make a living.


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