Parents of US student who committed suicide may sue Rutgers

The parents of a Rutgers University freshman have notified the school that they may sue it.

New York: The parents of a Rutgers
University freshman, who committed suicide after his Indian-
American roommate and another student allegedly broadcast
online his sexual encounter with a man, have notified the
school that they may sue it.

Tyler Clementi, 18, jumped off the George Washington
Bridge on September 22. His roommate Dharun Ravi and another
student Molly Wei have been charged with criminal counts of
invading his privacy. Prosecutors say Ravi sent a Twitter
message urging followers to watch.

Tyler`s parents, Joseph and Jane Clementi, filed legal
notices with the university on Friday, `New York Times` quoted
Paul Mainardi, a lawyer for the family as saying. Tyler`s
parents say the school should have done more to prevent the
death of their son.

By law, they must wait for six months to file a lawsuit,
but they had to give notice within 90 days after the death to
preserve their right to sue.

Tyler had been on the Rutgers campus in New Jersey for
less than a month, prosecutors say, when his roommate, Ravi,
18, used a camera in his computer to live-stream the
dormitory-room encounter between Tyler and another man.

Ravi and Wei have since withdrawn from the university
and their lawyers have said that they denied the accusations.

The Tyler Clementi case has become a national flash
point in the debates over gay rights, bullying and personal
privacy in the Internet age.

"Subject to further investigation, it appears that
Rutgers University failed to act, failed to put in place
and/or failed to implement and enforce policies and practices
that would have prevented or deterred such acts, and that
Rutgers failed to act timely and appropriately," CNN quoted
the legal notice as saying.

Rutgers University responded to the notice with a
statement saying that while it shares "the family`s sense of
loss of their son, who was a member of our community," it also
recognises "that a grieving family may question whether
someone or some institution could somehow have responsibility
for their son`s death."

The university is not responsible for his suicide, it


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