Paris attacks: 12 things we know about fugitive Salah Abdeslam

Salah Abdeslam’s family want him to give himself up.

Paris attacks: 12 things we know about fugitive Salah Abdeslam

Paris: Europe's most wanted man Salah Abdeslam, one of the terrorists involved in the Paris attacks, is still at large, 10 days after the horrific coordinated assaults that left 130 people dead and scores of others injured.

Here are some details about Salah Abdeslam compiled by The Independent:

1. Abdeslam is a Belgian-born French national and grew up in Molenbeek. According to The Independent, Abdeslam worked as a railway mechanic and also at a bar set up by his brother, Brahim. He had a string of girlfriends and also used to smoke, drink and gamble.

2. He was not always a jihadist, recalls his friend Abdel Ben Alal, 27, who went to school with Abdeslam. But he had links with would-be extremists.

3. Abdeslam and Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the Belgian “mastermind” of the Paris attacks, were childhood friends. Abaaoud died in a raid after Paris attacks.

4. Abdeslam's older brother Brahim, 31, was caught in Turkey earlier this year and police questioned both him and Salah on his return to Belgium. Brahim was not detained because of lack of proof that he was attempting to join ISIS.

5. Both the brothers were involved in the Paris restaurant massacres. Though his role is unclear, Abdeslam was seen in the car that transported his brother and a third man to restaurants in Paris.

6. CCTV footage shows he was driving a black Seat, hired in Belgium, which was used in the attacks. The older brother blew himself up on the Boulevard Voltaire but Abdeslam did not die and called two friends to pick him up.

7. Hamza Attou and Mohammed Amri, both Belgian nationals, have admitted picking up Abdeslam from Paris in the early hours of 14 November.

8. Police had stopped them near the Belgian border but were allowed to continue as the alert for Abdeslam was put out later.

9. Abdeslam had travelled through Germany and Austria in September.

10. A Belgium newspaper reported that police spotted a “suspicious individual” on Sunday that may have been Abdeslam. He was reportedly in a BMW that sped towards the German border.

11. Abdeslam’s family want him to give himself up.

12. Abdeslam is still at large. A series of raids across Europe have targeted him with no success.

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