Philippine bomb squad training gets `too realistic`

A grenade went off during a lecture in the Philippines, injuring 6 officers.

Manila: Bomb squad training for Philippine police became a little too realistic when a grenade went off during a lecture, injuring six officers, an official said.

An instructor was teaching other officers how to handle explosive devices such as land mines and home-made bombs when the accident occurred on Thursday on the southern island of Mindanao, said police spokesman Christian Carlitos on Saturday.

"The instructor was demonstrating how to defuse a grenade when he accidentally pulled the safety pin," said Carlitos.

The grenade exploded, injuring the instructor and five of his students. They were sent to hospital but had escaped severe injury, police said.
Communist insurgents, Muslim separatists and extortion gangs in the Philippines have all been known to use improvised explosives such as land mines and bombs.

Bureau Report

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