Pickup truck driver races through Obama checkpoint

The man was trying to evade arrest on warrants related to driving violations.

Kailua: The US Secret Service says a man fleeing from local police drove through an outer perimeter checkpoint set up near President Barack Obama`s Hawaii vacation home.

Photographers took pictures of a Secret Service agent sprinting toward the pickup truck and pointing her gun at the driver.

Spokesman Ed Donovan says the driver wasn`t trying to get near Obama or his family and the incident had nothing to do with his Hawaii visit.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports police were chasing the man who was trying to evade arrest on several warrants related to driving violations.

The driver, who wasn`t immediately identified, didn`t go near a security barricade closer to the Obama vacation home, and was arrested a short while later.

The President was playing golf at a nearby Marine base at the time.

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