PLA unit specialises in electromagnetic confrontation drills

A regiment of the Chinese Army is specialising in conducting electromagnetic confrontation exercises.

Beijing: A regiment of the Chinese Army
is specialising in conducting electromagnetic confrontation
exercises, having held over a 100 simulations of such an
environment similar to that on the battlefield, the official
media here reported.

A regiment of the Nanjing Military Area Command (MAC)
of the People`s Liberation Army (PLA), reputed as the new
generation electromagnetic blue army, has participated in 103
electromagnetic confrontation exercises over the past five
years, the PLA daily reported.

The regiment has been equipped with new radars,
unmanned aerial vehicles and other advanced equipment in
recent years, it said.

To make the new equipment generate combat capacity on
the basis of giving full play to their performances, three
sets of simulation drilling systems have been developed, and
11 new tactics for electromagnetic countermeasure-based
operations summarised.

Furthermore, the troops in the regiment are encouraged
to do studies on the combat concept, application of
operational tactics and technical countermeasures for the blue
army, it said.

In field confrontation drills, by means of various
kinds of tactics used in electromagnetic operations, the
regiment conducts strong electromagnetic interference to
informationalised equipment of its rivals under both static
and dynamic conditions to test the anti-jamming abilities of
the new equipment.

The data obtained in the tests were important
parameters for the interconnection among various information

Over the past five years, the electromagnetic blue
army has staged confrontation exercises with combat units of
the Navy, the Air Force and the Second Artillery Force (SAF)
of the PLA in and outside the Nanjing MAC, it said.

The system can simulate natural, civilian and military
electromagnetic signals to construct an electromagnetic
environment similar to that on the battlefield, and monitor
various communication and radar-interference signals on the


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