Pope warns young off drug traffickers, wants change in Cuba

Pope Benedict XVI urged Mexican youths to reject lies told by drug traffickers to entice them to join cartels.

Aboard The Papal Plane: Pope Benedict XVI urged Mexican youths on Friday to reject lies told by drug
traffickers to entice them to join cartels as he set off on
his first trip to Spanish-speaking Latin America.

"We must do everything possible to fight this evil which
destroys our young. We must unmask this evil, these false
promises and lies," Benedict told reporters on the plane
taking him to Mexico for the first leg of his trip.

"Our duty, our great responsibility, is to educate
consciences, to teach our young moral responsibility" and turn
them away from "the worship of money which enslaves men," he

"I share Mexicans` joy and hope but also their anguish and
grief," he said.

The war on drug trafficking in Mexico has killed 50,000
people in five years, and the pope warned that young people in
particular are prey to the cartels, some of whom claim to be
Catholic but who are terrorising northern areas.

Benedict, who turns 85 next month, will visit Silao, Leon
and Guanajuato in Mexico from today through Monday before
heading to Cuba for two days.

He will attempt to follow in the footsteps of his
predecessor John Paul II, who was credited with strengthening
the Church`s relationship to the state and playing a role in
Cuba`s shift towards democracy.

During today`s flight, Benedict said that Marxism "no
longer corresponds to reality" and called for "new models" in
Cuba amid signs that the communist regime is opening up to the

The Catholic community in Cuba -- which makes up around 10
per cent of the population -- is willing "to help create a
constructive dialogue to avoid traumas," he said.