Popularity rating of Medvedev, Putin slumps: Poll

Last Updated: Friday, June 11, 2010 - 19:07

Moscow: More Russians trust Prime
Minister Vladimir Putin than his hand-picked successor Dmitry
Medvedev with the President`s popularity rating slumping by
almost 10 per cent in six months, an opinion poll said on Friday.

Medvedev, a darling of liberals, is trusted by 53 per
cent Russians in June as compared to his rating of 62 per cent
in January, latest poll by VTsIOM public opinion fund reveals.
According to `Gazeta` online daily, which published
the results of the June poll, Medvedev`s popularity rating is
lowest since he took office in 2008.

The poll, which also showed drop in Putin`s rating by
8 per cent in the current year, but 61 percent Russians still
trust him.

"The research proved a theory that public confidence
in the leadership of a country tends to drop after a crisis is
resolved, rather when it is at its peak," Leonty Byzov, an
expert with the Institute of Sociology at Russia`s Academy of
Sciences was quoted as saying by `Gazeta`.
He said people begin blaming the authorities when
the pace of economic recovery turns out to be slower than
expected and the number of Russians is growing who believe the
country is going nowhere.

"It is linked with systematic corruption. People see
no actions by Putin and Medvedev aimed at fighting it," Byzov
said and added that the post-crisis growth in the number of
billionaires also affected the popularity of the ruling


First Published: Friday, June 11, 2010 - 19:07
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