President of US `greatest job` on Earth: Obama

Nothing can compare to this incredible privilege of being able to work with so many talented people all across the country.

Washington: In third year of his first term as the President of United States, Barack Obama believes that it is "the greatest job" on Earth, even though it is tough at times.

"It`s the greatest job on Earth. Obviously, we are going through a lot of challenges right now. And, when you`re President of the United States, you feel accountable and responsible for every single thing that happens," Obama told the CNN.

"If there is a flood somewhere, if there is a tornado, if somebody is losing their job, at some level, you feel responsible and you want to make sure that you are doing right by the American people," Obama said.

But nothing compares to the incredible privilege of being able to work with so many talented folks and meet so many wonderful people all across the country, he added.

"The best part is the kinds of things that I have been doing today. You go into a diner and you sit down and talk to people and you hear their life stories. And every once in a while, they`ll say, you know what, my kid has hemophilia and was about to lose his insurance until you passed your health care bill and it`s really helping us, or a small business owner says, you know, I got started because the SBA got in there and took a chance on me," he further said.

The worst part is, when he is talking to a family member of a fallen soldier and he is hugging them, Obama said. "On the one hand, you hope that you`re making them feel a little bit better. At the same time, you are reminded of the incredible sacrifices that people are making for our country.

"And then, when you see sometimes our politics not living up to that level of commitment and patriotism that we see from our troops, that gets a little bit of frustration,"
he said.


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