Pro-Kremlin activists strip for anti-graft calendar

Pro-Kremlin activists have posed in lingerie for an erotic calendar with an anti-graft message.

Moscow: Pro-Kremlin activists have posed
in lingerie for an erotic calendar with an anti-graft message
and the slogan "sex against corruption", youth movement Nashi
(Ours) said on Thursday.

Nashi spokeswoman Kristina Potupchik published
photographs of the calendar on her blog today and said that
several thousand copies would be handed out at a protest on
April 16 and distributed.

"It will not go on sale. It`s not a commercial
project," Potupchik said.

One woman poses in a white corset and bridal veil and
raises her middle finger in a rude gesture, with the slogan "I
won`t marry a corrupt official."

Another woman in a leopard-print bra and pants holds a
quill pen and an envelope, with the slogan "Brown envelopes
are only for letters."

A model dressed as a school teacher wears glasses and
wields a ruler, saying: "I will teach you to live without

The calendar is titled "Sex against corruption/ Love
against evil," Potupchik wrote in her blog, adding that she
would be happy to introduce readers to the models at the

The women who posed for the calendar are mainly
students from Moscow, who came up with the idea to do the
calendar themselves, Potupchik said.

"They are all activists of Nashi," Potupchik said.

"The girls got together themselves and found a photographer."
Nashi plans to hold a protest called "White Aprons" on
April 16 in which activists will wear aprons, in a symbolic
call for cleaning up corruption, and post videos detailing
cases of corruption.

The calendar`s cover shows women posing in aprons and
high heels with the slogan "Never give to anyone or take from
anyone," in a double entendre referring to giving consent for

Nashi has encouraged sexual activities among its
activists. Its lakeside summer camp has held mass wedding
ceremonies for activists, who have vowed to have children to
solve Russia`s demographic crisis.

Last year, another pro-Kremlin youth group, Molodaya
Gvardiya, or Old Guard, smeared leading opposition figures by
posting videos of them having sexual liaisons with an
attractive young woman in an apparent honey trap.

The calendar echoes one put together last year by
journalism students at Moscow State University, who posed in
racy lingerie and even topless along with suggestive slogans
wishing Prime Minister Vladimir Putin a happy birthday.


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