Protests against Ahmadinejad`s arrival in New York

United Against Nuclear Iran called on Columbia University President to cancel the "dinner with Ahmadinejad".

New York: Protests against Iranian President
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad preceded his arrival here for the annual
UN General Assembly meet with an advocacy group demanding
Columbia University cancel a scheduled dinner with him and
condemning the hotel where the leader will be staying.

United Against Nuclear Iran called on Columbia University
President Lee Bollinger to cancel the "dinner with
Ahmadinejad" saying it is "highly inappropriate for the leader
of a prestigious US University to meet with the head of a
regime that is defying the international community by pursuing
nuclear weapons, ruthlessly violating the human rights of its
people and sponsoring al Qaeda and other terrorists."

In a statement, UANI President Mark Wallace said that
Bollinger had hosted Ahmadinejad four years ago under the
guise of "dialogue," and Columbia was widely criticised for
that "irresponsible decision."

"To repeat the same mistake this year would be a serious
affront to New York City and America. Providing Ahmadinejad
with a forum to spread his vile and conspiratorial views
regarding 9/11 and the Holocaust, among others matters, gives
him the very platform and legitimacy he seeks, and will once
again significantly harm Columbia University`s reputation."

UANI also condemned New York`s Warwick Hotel, saying the
hotel should refuse accommodation to Ahmadinejad during his
stay in the city for the UN General Assembly.

"Do you honestly think it is appropriate to provide
accommodations to the leader of such a detestable regime,
specifically in the very city where the worst of 9/11

"By choosing to host the Iranian delegation, the Warwick
is accepting blood money from a regime that presents an
overwhelming threat to global security," the group said.

UANI said it will take action against all Warwick
properties worldwide and will call for a general public
boycott of all Warwick properties.


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