Putin, Medvedev to decide who to stand for presidency

Russian Prez and PM are to discuss who of them would stand for presidency.

Moscow: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin are likely to discuss who of them would stand for presidency before
elections, a top official has said.

Press Secretary of Russia`s prime minister Dmitry Peskov, responding to former Soviet statesman Mikhail Gorbachev remark that the two leaders would decide between themselves who would become Russia`s next president, said "First of all, I would like to reiterate that the time of pre-election moods is not here yet."

"Personally I believe that those who Gorbachev had criticised never replied - neither one, nor the other – the reason is very simple: they never sat and agreed who to be Russia`s next president, they said they would discuss who
would stand for presidency."

Peskov agreed this would be done so, in order not to "compete with each other... At least, this is what they say."

"They simply cannot have an agreement who would be next president, they may agree only on who will stand for it, and the final decision will be made over the national election, as simple as that, that is why the criticism did not
cause any reply."

Bureau Report

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