Queen to hold Royal honour for Tony Blair

The Queen plans to withhold granting Tony Blair an exclusive honour.

London: The Queen plans to withhold
granting Tony Blair an exclusive honour as she is said to be
annoyed about indiscretions revealed by the former British PM
in his memoirs, a media report said.

Blair was in line to be appointed to the Order of the
Thistle, the highest Scottish honour.

But his reference to personal and private revelations
in his autobiography, `A Journey`, are thought to have deeply
disappointed the British Monarch and she may withhold granting
him the honour, the `Sunday Express` quoted royal insiders.

The 84-year-old Queen`s cousin, Lady Elizabeth Anson,
said she was sure that the monarch would be "disappointed" at
Blair`s decision to breach Royal protocol by revealing some
personal conversations in Buckingham Palace.

Renowned Royal biographer Hugo Vickers said: "I
wouldn`t be at all surprised if his chances of being awarded
the Order of the Thistle have floated to 100 to one because of
his cocky references."

In Royal circles, it was felt the sections
that reopened old wounds, particularly the tragedy of Princess
Diana`s death, were "beyond the pale".

One Royal insider said: "It is a well-known convention
that details of private conversations between the Royal Family
and the PM stay private."

Another added: "The Order of the Thistle is a reward
for chivalry and a gift for her to make or not make. Why
should she?"

Vickers said: "This is about Blair trying to sell this
book while revealing himself to be the gauche person he is. So
the Queen handled some plates after a barbecue. So what? She`s
human. You know when the Queen respects a Prime Minster. She
awarded Margaret Thatcher the Order of Merit as soon as she
left office."