Queen tried to get UK poverty fund to heat palace

A government fund intended to provide subsidised heating to low-income Britons got some interest from an unexpected source: Queen Elizabeth II, who wanted help paying the bills at Buckingham Palace.

London: Britain has raised its terror
alert from Irish dissidents, saying the threat has risen to a
point where an attack on mainland Britain is "a strong

The Home Office says the change was made Friday from
"moderate" to "substantial" the middle rung on the
government`s five-point threat scale.

The threat from international terrorism, which is
ranked on a separate scale, stands at "severe," meaning an
attack is considered highly likely.

The highest level is "critical" meaning an attack is
imminent. The government has never before released the threat
assessment of Irish groups.

Home Secretary Theresa May said it was being made
public "in the interests of transparency and to encourage
people to remain vigilant."


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