Radical Islam with nukes a grave danger: Israel PM

Netanyahu has asked Russia to cooperate in foiling Iran`s nuclear intentions.

Jerusalem: Warning against Iran`s nuclear ambitions, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked Russia to cooperate with Israel to foil Tehran`s intentions, which he dubbed a grave danger to mankind.

"The greatest danger mankind faces is a radical regime, without limits to its cruelty, obtaining nuclear capabilities," Ynet news portal quoted Netanyahu as saying in an address to the World Conference for the Russian Language Press in Tel Aviv last evening.

"Radical Islam with nuclear capabilities poses a grave danger to mankind," the hawkish Israeli Premier said adding, "What is currently regarded as terror will be completely different if it will have a nuclear umbrella."

Emphasising that Russia`s cooperation with Israel could help deter Iran`s nuclear programme, Netanyahu called upon the global community to take the issue seriously.

"We are at a historical crossroads. Great tragedies occurred when dangers were not recognised in time. I expect everyone to join hands and stop the threat," he said.

Citing the twin bomb attacks in Moscow`s subway system last March, Netanyahu offered his condolences to the Russian people saying, "Your enemy is our enemy, and vice versa".

The Israeli Prime Minister urged Russia to help block off radical Islam.