Ratings of Netanyahu, Abbas improve after UN meet

Netanyahu`s approval rating had plunged dramatically in the shadow of the social protest movements.

Yangon: Police in military-dominated Myanmar
today prevented a rare protest by pro-democracy activists on
the fourth anniversary of a bloody crackdown on a monk-led
uprising, an official said.

About 200 people had planned to march to Yangon City Hall
but agreed to call off the rally when asked by the authorities
to do so, according to witnesses.

"After police asked them to stop, they prayed on the spot
and then dispersed," according to a government official who
did not want to be named.

Police said no arrests were made.

"We came here to pray for the release of political
prisoners and to mark the fourth anniversary of the Saffron
Revolution, but a police officer asked us not to go anywhere
so that`s why we have to go home," one of the activists said.

Security was tight on the anniversary of the crackdown on
the 2007 protests, which began as small rallies against the
rising cost of living but escalated into huge anti-government
demonstrations known as the "Saffron Revolution."

At least 31 people were killed by security forces while
hundreds were beaten and detained in the crackdown that

Myanmar is now ruled by a nominally civilian government
but its ranks are filled with former generals and the country
still has more than 2,000 political prisoners.

Bureau Report

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