Red Cross brings 100 Libyans back to capital

A Red Cross spokesman said the Libyans came to Tripoli after a 27-hour boat ride from the east.

Tripoli: A Red Cross spokesman says more than 100 Libyans are back in the capital after a 27-hour boat ride from the rebel-held east.

The ship docked on Sunday morning in Tripoli`s main port, carrying mostly families and elderly travelling from Benghazi.

Red Cross spokesman Robin Waudo said they wanted to help more people travel but that all passengers had to be approved by both sides.

On Friday, the Red Cross brought about 300 people to Benghazi from Tripoli who had wanted to go to the east.

Rebels began an uprising in February against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who has been in power since 1969.

The conflict has turned into a civil war, and NATO has been conducting airstrikes to prevent Gaddafi`s forces from attacking civilians.

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