Rescue workers find tons of cash in rubble in Japan

Hit by world`s worst calamity, the Japanese haven`t lost their honesty even in adversity.

Last Updated: Apr 09, 2011, 18:06 PM IST

Tokyo: Hit by world`s worst calamity in
recent times, the Japanese haven`t lost their honesty even in

Rescue workers and ordinary people have been turning in
millions in `lost` cash found in the rubble in mud-covered
coastal areas in the northeastern region of the country.

Police in Iwate and Miyagi Prefectures, which were the
worst-affected in the recent giant tsunami, are saying that
they are receiving tons of cash everyday from the people
engaged in clearing the rubble.

Though under Japan`s laws people who find money can keep
it, the quake and tsunami-hit people, most of whom have lost
all their life earnings, have not been tempted by wads of
currency notes found in the rubble.

Kyodo news agency quoted rescue agencies as saying that
the survivors are urging the government to use the found piles
of cash for reconstruction of the ravaged areas, till the
owners were found.

Police say that only 10 per cent of the cash found had
been returned to the owners of the total cases.

It is not only the piles of cash, but rescue workers
often come across giant safes during their work and now the
residents of the prefectures are telling the police and the
government that they should give the nod to allow opening up
of these safes for funding reconstruction work.