`Rich Arabs, Israelis were main buyers of organs`

Organs used to be extracted from civilians kidnapped in Kosovo-Metohija.

Belgrade: Organs extracted from civilians kidnapped in Kosovo-Metohija were delivered to Germany, Scandinavia, the US, Israel, Great Britain and other rich countries, the Belgrade-based daily Politika reports.

Documents of the Prosecutor`s Office, marked 33-08 and listed under the working title `Human organ trafficking`, note that doctors from Israel, Brazil and the Philippines were involved in the international criminal ring that dealt in organ trafficking. The daily refers to the doctors as `the doctors who scavenge the Balkans in search of human organs.`

The data of the Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor`s Office quotes the report on international human organ trafficking, drawn up by Bellagio Task Force, a group of experts from the University of Columbia in New York, which includes data showing that rich Arabs and Israelis were the main buyers of human organs coming for South-East Europe.

According to the daily, the Prosecutor`s Office also refers to a research published by the American Chronicle, which states that in 2001 alone, the University Clinic in Jerusalem had as many as 60 patients recovering from a transplantation of a kidney extracted from an unknown donor.

The research also notes that this is the reason why many Israelis travel to Eastern Europe in the company of Israeli doctors.

To back such claims, the Prosecutor`s Office has data that show that on November 15, 2008, the Pristina police arrested Israeli Moshe Harel, charged with negotiating and organising illegal organ transplants.


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