Robert Kennedy`s assassin plotted to kill Edward: FBI files

Assassin had allegedly allured a fellow prison inmate to kill Edward Kennedy.

New York: The assassin of former US president John F Kennedy`s brother Robert may have plotted to kill their youngest brother Edward also, de-classified FBI files have revealed.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation documents, the assassin Sirhan Sirhan had allegedly offered a fellow prison inmate "a million dollars and a car" to kill Massecheussets senator Edward Kennedy in 1977.

The Mexican-American inmate, whose name is redacted, told FBI agents he didn`t know Edward Kennedy was a Senator, but recognised he was the brother of slain JFK and New York Senator Bobby Kennedy, the `New York Daily News` reported.

The inmate, who was in the cell next to Sirhan`s for 18 months and befriended the assassin, said Sirhan told him to contact his mother for more details if he decided to proceed.

"He advised he declined the contract," the FBI report said. Sirhan, now 66, is serving a life sentence at Pleasant Valley State Prison in California, for shooting Bobby Kennedy on June 05, 1968, the night he won the primary election to seal his nomination as the Democrat presidential candidate.

The mentally unbalanced Palestinian Christian claimed that his motive was because RFK had promised military support for Israel if he was elected to the White House.

Although the FBI alerted Senator Kennedy`s office and the police, agents never established the seriousness of the threat and the reliability of the inmate informant.

The Massachusetts Senator died in August last year after battling brain cancer. He was the last surviving brother of the storied American political family.


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