Romney, Obama battle ahead of 3 primaries

Romney has ignored the conservative Santorum the past few days as he has focused on Obama.

Washington: Likely Republican presidential
nominee Mitt Romney looked with assurance toward a victory in
three more primary elections on Tuesday while increasingly turning
his rhetorical fire on President Barack Obama, saying he
relies on Europe for political inspiration.

The president`s campaign, which also seems convinced
Obama will face Romney in the November election, is running
television ads that try to link the former Massachusetts
governor to big oil companies as high gas prices threaten to
influence already stressed voters.

"Mitt Romney`s stood with Big Oil for their tax breaks,
attacking higher mileage standards and renewable energy
sources," an ad says. It`s a response to an ad from the
American Energy Alliance blaming Obama for rising gas prices.

With Republican primaries today in Wisconsin, Maryland
and Washington, DC, Romney is set to hold one campaign event
before an election night party in Wisconsin. He spent the
weekend campaigning there, working to win yet another big
industrial state that chief rival Rick Santorum was counting
on to keep his fading candidacy alive.

"The right thing for us, I think, is to get a nominee as
soon as we can and be able to focus on Barack Obama," Romney
told Fox News in an interview.

Romney has ignored the conservative Santorum the past few
days as he has focused on Obama, telling supporters that the
president "takes his political inspiration from the capitals
of Europe."

The often used Republican line of attack is meant to
imply an opponent is elitist and not in touch with the
American mainstream.

Obama, meanwhile, was to issue a broad attack on
Republicans later today, criticising their budget plan that
has already passed in the House of Representatives and has
Romney`s backing.

In a speech to newspaper executives, Obama will sharply
criticise the USD 3.5 trillion budget proposal pushed by Rep
Paul Ryan.


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