Romney stuck in Cold War mentality: Obama campaign

General (rtd) Wesley Clark said that Mitt Romney has embarrassed himself and insulted one of the country`s closest allies, the Britain.

Washington: Hitting out at Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, for embracing the extreme elements of his party which would return the United States to the failed policies of the past, the Obama campaign has accused him of being stuck in the "Cold War mentality".

"Mitt Romney -- he`s embraced the most extreme elements in his party. They would return us to the failed policies of the past that weakened our standing in the world and made us less secure here at home," General (rtd) Wesley Clark told reporters in a conference call organised by the Obama Campaign yesterday.

"Let`s be clear. Romney`s reckless talk, the empty bluster, his world view, they all seem to be stuck in the Cold War mentality," he said.

Clark said that Romney, during his foreign policy trip earlier this summer, has embarrassed himself and insulted one of the country`s closest allies, the Britain, on the eve of the Olympic Games.

"He talks tough on China and Russia without recognising the ways we must both work with these countries on key challenges like confronting Iran while also being able to stand up to them when we disagree," he said.

Clark claimed that while Mitt Romney might believe that war, national security and veterans are just items on a "laundry list", the President Obama has stood strongly behind the troops and the military families.

"Our country`s been through times before when politicians and the government didn`t believe veterans were important. I`ve lived through those times, and we all know what the consequences are. Sadly, it seems like Mitt Romney would take our country back in that direction," he said.

Clark said that Romney`s failure to mention Afghanistan in his Republican presidential acceptance speech in Tampa last month is more than an "omission".

"It reveals a severe lack of understanding about the job as president. It doesn`t reflect well on what kind of leadership he would bring. And frankly, it`s just unbecoming of someone who wants to become commander-in-chief because our troops, veterans and military families deserve leaders who make them a priority," he said.

Afghanistan is the longest war in human history, he said, adding that the American people sense it`s time to bring it to a responsible end and to do some nation-building here at home.

"That`s exactly what President Obama has a plan to do: end the war in Afghanistan and bring our troops home. And that`s what Mitt Romney seems to be ignoring," the retired general said.

"When the President took office, our nation was bogged down in two wars. Many of al Qaeda`s leaders, including Osama bin Laden, were still at large. Our alliances had been seriously strained after eight years of the Bush administration," Clark said.

Clark said that Obama has not only kept his promise to end the war in Afghanistan, but also rebuilt alliances, which were seriously frayed when he took office.