‘Romney would have won if Republicans were self-aware at all’

Fifty-five percent of women voted for Obama, the exit polls showed.

Washington: US Republican Presidential contender Mitt Romney could have easily won the White House race against Barack Obama if he and his party had realized that they were turning people off, an American author and journalist has said.

“If they were self-aware at all, Mitt Romney would probably be president right now,” said Matt Taibbi in a blog post for Rolling Stone.

According to the Huff Post, Taibbi argued that Romney’s message about financial responsibility could resonate with a lot of people, but unfortunately it is a cover for their belief that women and minorities are "parasites."

“Modern Republicans have so much of their own collective identity wrapped up in the belief that they`re surrounded by free-loading, job-averse parasites who not only want to smoke weed and have recreational abortions all day long, but want hardworking white Christians like them to pay the tab,” Taibbi wrote.

“Their whole belief system...is inherently insulting to everyone outside the tent – and you can`t win votes when you`re calling people lazy, stoned moochers,” he added.

According to CNN`s exit polls, minorities and women voted overwhelmingly for Obama in the presidential election.

Fifty-five percent of women voted for Obama, the exit polls showed.


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