Romney`s foreign policy has been wrong and reckless: Obama

Attacking Mitt Romney as "reckless and wrong" on foreign policy, Barack Obama said Romney was suffering from "stage-three of Romnesia".

Updated: Oct 24, 2012, 00:23 AM IST

Washington: Attacking Mitt Romney as "reckless and wrong" on foreign policy, US President Barack Obama on Tuesday said that his presidential opponent was suffering from "stage-three of Romnesia" during the last presidential debate.
"Governor Romney`s foreign policy has been wrong and reckless. Last night, he was all over the map. Did you notice that?" Obama said during an election campaign speech in Delray Beach, Florida, the morning after the presidential debate, which was their final face-to-face encounter before the November 6 presidential elections.

"During the debate, he said he didn`t want more troops in Iraq, but he was caught on video saying it was unthinkable not to leave 20,000 troops in Iraq troops that would still be there today. Last night, he claimed to support my plan to end the war in Afghanistan.

"I`m glad he supports it, but he`s opposed a timeline that would actually bring our troops home," Obama said.

"Early in this campaign, he said he`d do the opposite of whatever I did in Israel. But last night I reminded him that cooperation with Israel`s never been stronger.

"Last night he said he always supported taking out Osama bin Laden. But in 2007, he said it wasn`t worth moving heaven and earth to catch one man," he said alleging that Romney has frequently changed its stances on a lot of issues.

Obama then went ahead to describe this as "Romnesia" a term which he coined last week.
"We have come up with a name for this condition. It`s called "Romnesia."

We had had a severe outbreak last night. It was at least stage-three "Romnesia."

"And I just want to go over with you some of the symptoms, Delray, because I want to make sure nobody in the surrounding area catches it," Obama said amidst laughter and cheers from the audience.

"If you say that you love American cars during a debate, but you wrote an article titled "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt," you might have "Romnesia."

"In all seriousness we`re accustomed to seeing politicians change their position from like four years ago. We are not accustomed to seeing politicians change their position from four days ago.

We joke about "Romnesia" but you know what. This is actually something important. This is about trust," he said, adding that there is no more serious issue in a presidential campaign than trust.

"The person who leads this country, you`ve got to have some confidence that he or she means what he or she says. That if they tell you they`re going to do something or that this is what they believe, that they`re going to actually try to do it," he said.
The Romney campaign termed it as desperate attacks from
the US President.

"In two weeks, a majority of Americans will choose Governor Romney?s positive agenda over President Obama’s increasingly desperate attacks.

"Mitt Romney has a real plan for a Real Recovery that will create 12 million new jobs with rising take-home pay, move us toward a balanced budget and create prosperity for all Americans," said Ryan Williams, the Romney Campaign spokesman.