Russia-Poland harmony to be long, uneasy process: Komorowski

Russian-Polish reconciliation will be a long and uneasy process, Polish President said.

Warsaw: Russian-Polish
reconciliation will be a long and uneasy process, Polish
President Bronislaw Komorowski said.

"This will be a difficult work most likely to be divided
in several stages looking like "a difficult march" rather than
"a sprint race," he said.

"We should take all the effort to attain it. We should
not lose a special mood that brought about in Russian-Polish
relations after the participation of the prime ministers of
the countries in the commemoration events at the tombs of
Polish victims in Katyn, as well as during the Smolensk
tragedy," Komorowski added.

The presidential wives, who visited Smolensk and Katyn
half a year after the air crash, also create a good climate in
Polish-Russian relations, he believes.

Komorowski also noted that Poland is looking forward to a
visit of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Poland due in
early December. "I hope that this date will not be changed.

This visit will most likely be made on December 6," he noted.

The Polish president, who returned on Saturday from Rome,
where Pope Benedict XVI received him, noted that the Vatican
is interested to establish good relations with the Russian
Orthodox Church and Russia. Komorowski believes that political
reconciliation and rapprochement at the level of churches can
be simultaneous.

Poland and Russia have a long history of tension between
them, from the killing of 22,000 Polish officers by Russians
in 1940 to the more recent case of Poland supporting Georgia
against Russia in 2008 South Ossetia war.


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