Russia slams US deployment of missiles in Poland

Russia criticized the US` deployment of Patriot missiles in Poland.

Moscow: Russia Wednesday criticized the United
States` deployment of Patriot missiles in Poland, saying the
move jeopardized bilateral relations and security in the

A battery of US surface-to-air Patriot-type missiles
arrived Sunday at a Polish military base, the first such
deployment on Polish soil.

Polish officials were to unveil the Patriots, which are
designed to intercept incoming surface-to-surface missiles,

"It is unclear why such a region located in the immediate
proximity to the Russian border has been found for the
deployment and where, as far as we know, there are no objects
of military infrastructure," the Interfax news agency
quoted an unnamed foreign ministry official as saying.

"Such actions do not fit the current level of our ties,
do not lead to the strengthening of stability in this region
but on the contrary decrease trust and predictability," the
official said.

The missiles will be stationed at a military base at
Morag, which is just 60 kilometres from the border with
Russia`s Kaliningrad territory.

"We do not understand the logic and direction of this
move," the official said. "We have repeatedly raised the issue
with the Americans and the Poles but have not received real
answers to our questions."

Up to 150 US troops based in Kaiserslautern, Germany, are
to service the battery in Poland and train Polish soldiers to
operate it.

Russia and the United States have over past months sought
to improve ties damaged under the previous US administration
but Washington has also said its "reset" ties with Moscow will
not hurt relations with east European allies like Poland.


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