Russia to build gen next AWACS aircraft by 2016

The new aircraft will be capable of detecting, tracking multiple airborne and land-based targets.

Moscow: Russia is planning to develop new
generation airborne warning and control system (AWACS)
aircraft by 2016 as part of an ambitious modernisation plan
for its armed forces, the Russian Air Chief today said.

"We are expecting to receive the A-100 AWACS on the
Ilyushin Il-476 platform powered by the PS-90 engine for
extended flight range," Colonel General Alexander Zelin
announced at a news conference here.

Unlike the present A-50 AWACS on Ilyushin Il-76 platform,
the new aircraft will have advanced active phased array radar
capable of detecting and tracking multiple airborne and
land-based targets.

The Russian Air Force has around 20 A-50 mainstay AWACS
planes equipped with the large Liana surveillance radar with
its antenna in an over-fuselage rotodome and can control up to
ten fighter aircraft for either air-to-air intercept or
air-to-ground attack missions.

"We will have the Il-476 platform by 2013-2014 and should
be able to build this plane by 2016," Gen Zelin was quoted as
saying by Interfax, the Russian non-governmental news agency.

India has acquired three A-50 AWACS fitted with Israeli
Phalcon radar under a trilateral deal with Russia and Israel.

India received the first A-50EI plane in May 2009 and the
second in March 2010.

It is expected that the third aircraft will be delivered
by the end of the year and could acquire two more aircraft in
addition to the initial deal signed in 2004.