Russia to build two more nuclear reactors in China

Russia had earlier helped China build two reactors in the Tianwan nuclear plant in Jiangsu province.

Beijing: Russia and China have firmed up their nuclear cooperation, with Moscow set to build two more high-power reactors in this country`s Tianwan atomic plant.

Russia had earlier helped China build two reactors in the Tianwan nuclear plant in Jiangsu province, which went into operation in 2007, Sergey Sergeevich Razov, Moscow`s envoy here, said.

The two reactors, with combined capacity of 2,000 mw, are using Russia`s VVER 1000 nuclear model.

Russia is going to build two more reactors in Tianwan once China lifts its suspension of new atomic power plants imposed after the nuclear disaster in Japan last year, state- run `China Daily` reported today.

The two countries have been in discussion for a series of potential cooperative projects.

"We`ve already started preparation for continuous cooperation in the Tianwan Nuclear Station and hopefully, will start the work in the second half of this year," Razov was quoted as saying.

According to the National Energy Administration, China has 15 nuclear reactors in operation and 26 more under construction.

China completed a 25-mw experimental fast reactor in 2009, a fourth-generation model that represents the country`s latest nuclear technology.

The design was based on Russia`s technical specifications and the project was constructed by Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corp, Russia`s national nuclear energy developer.

After the completion of the experimental project, China invited Russia to build the first 800-mw commercial fast reactor.

Meanwhile, the TENEX, Russia`s equipment and technology export body, is working with a Chinese partner on nuclear fuel recycling. The company is providing technology and equipment for a project in China that enriches uranium through gas centrifugation.

"China and Russia have great potential for cooperation in the nuclear waste sector, because Russia is very advanced in this field," Xiao Xinjian, an industry expert with the Energy Research Institute affiliated with China`s National Development and Reform Commission, said.

Russia has proposed to China that they jointly exploit three uranium deposits on Russian territory Sergei Kiriyenko, head of Rosatom, during a visit to Beijing in 2010, had said.

Another field for possible cooperation would be offshore nuclear power plants.

China is interested in a floating nuclear plant that could be used to power offshore oil and gas facilities, industry experts said.