Russia wants US to focus on Afghan terrorism, illegal drugs

Russia wants US and NATO forces to succeed in Afghanistan.

Washington: Russia wants US and NATO forces to succeed in Afghanistan, but cannot agree with all their actions, according to a high-ranking Russian security official.

"We assist US and NATO operations in Afghanistan and we are interested in their success," Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council Vladimir Nazarov told Tass yesterday after completing a working visit to the United States.

However "we do not agree with everything they do in Afghanistan," he added.

Nazarov explained Russia wants the coalition to focus on the fight against terrorism and illegal drugs in Afghanistan and said the task cannot be accomplished by an Army.

"We would like to see more efficient actions aimed first and foremost against terrorism and drug trafficking. We believe the effort is insufficient. The actions shall be professional, pinpointed and carried out with the use of special forces and means," he said.

"We are constantly telling our US partners and we know it from our own experience that the armed forces are not adapted to the fight against terrorism," Nazarov said, adding special forces and pinpointed actions "would prevent losses among civilians that are unacceptably high today."

He said Russia is also greatly concerned over the situation in neighbouring Pakistan. "The terror machine created in the 1980s on the territory of Pakistan that was nurtured also with American money continues to operate, this time against those who created it," Nazarov said.


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