Russia warns US of new Cold War over missile deal

US has refused to give guarantees to Moscow on not directing missile deal.

Moscow: President Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday
cautioned that Russia`s ties with the West could slide back to
Cold War era if the US went ahead with its missile shield in
Europe, seen by Moscow as threat to its nuclear capability.

Obama administration has refused to give legally
binding guarantees to Moscow on not directing against the
anti-missile shield against Russia.

"It is clear that the missile defence shield is
directed at blocking the strategic capabilities of certain

"I understand that other states mentioned (Iran, North
Korea) do not have (nuclear) potential compatible with Russia
and are unlikely to achieve them in the coming years... So, it
is directed against us," Medvedev said.

Speaking at a packed news conference here attended by
over 800 Russian and foreign journalists and carried live by
main state TV channels and radio stations, the Russian leader
cautioned: "This would be a very bad scenario, which would
take us back to the Cold War era."

He said in response to the US missile shield in Europe
close to the Russian borders the Kremlin will boost its
nuclear strike capabilities Medvedev, who is in favour of a
joint ABM system in Europe involving Russia as an equal
partner, but so far NATO has refused to cooperate with Moscow.

"We will have to take retaliatory measures, which we
do not want to have to do. This will mean forcing the
development of our nuclear strike potential," he warned.

The Russian leader also reminded that under the
strategic arms reduction treaty (START) signed last year,
Russia reserves the right to suspend the implementation or
walk out of the cornerstone nuclear arms control pact and
boost its nuclear arsenals.


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