Russia won`t copy advanced technologies illegally: Putin

The PM says protection of intellectual property is well regulated in Russia.

Zhukovsky: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has vowed that his country will never illegally copy advanced foreign technologies it may obtain.

"Stealing a yum-yum piece of technology from the chef`s kitchen and then eating it under a blanket - there is no such thing in the Russian Federation," he said at the international forum Technology in Machine Building - 2010, adding, however, that "in some countries there are attempts at copying”.

Putin said that "in Russia the protection of intellectual property is well regulated”.

"Have there been any victims of technology transfers? Show me the one who has had something stolen," Putin told participants in the forum.

Speaking about the transfer of advanced foreign technologies in Russia Putin remarked that "this is a rather strange wording”.

"In the world where we live nobody transfers anything to anybody for nothing. Except for humanitarian aid. Everything is sold. Modern technologies and know-hows are a commodity," he stressed. "Their price should be determined through negotiations."


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