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Russian embassy shows map of 34 Soviet WWII graves on Internet

Last Updated: Friday, April 23, 2010 - 13:47

Brussels: The Russian embassy in Belgium has presented a map on its website that gives detailed information about WWII graves of Soviet citizens on the territory of Belgium.

The map of Belgium presented on the embassy website in colour has 34 red-star marks on it indicating location of 34 graves of Soviet prisoners of war, Soviet citizens compelled to forced labour, partisans who escaped from captivity and fought against Nazis in the ranks of the Belgian Resistance Movement.

Each star on the map is a guide to a concrete website that shows several photographs of a burial place, gives its description, a list of servicemen buried there and related archive data.

The database contains systemised information about 250 Soviet citizens all in all who died and were buried in Belgium during World War II.

One of the biggest burial sites was a Limburg (Lommel) cemetery that has 70 WWII graves with tombstones made in the form of a white cross and the names of the dead engraved on the tombstone.

Press attaché of the Russian embassy, Georgy Kuznetsov, is the author of the new project on the website.

"The data base is not complete yet," the author of the project told Itar-Tass.

According to the Belgian data, there are from 350 to 600 Soviet graves in Belgium, while the data verified by the embassy confirmed around 250 graves yet, including 50 graves that remain unknown, Kuznetsov said.

The archive data proved that either Soviet prisoners of war or partisans were buried there.

The names of Russian citizens transcribed in French or Flemish languages made identification difficult because of many mistakes made in the transcription of Russian names during World War II.

"Some archive data are not complete, therefore, establishing exact location of a burial site is impossible," Kuznetsov said.


First Published: Friday, April 23, 2010 - 13:47
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