Russian regional chief under fire `for meeting aliens`

A Russian regional leader has claimed on state television that he was visited at home by aliens in a UFO.

Moscow: A Russian MP has asked an eccentric regional leader to explain his behaviour after claiming on state television that he was visited at home by aliens in a UFO, media reported on Thursday.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, head of the Buddhist Kalmykia region of southern Russia and president of the World Chess Federation
(FIDE), announced without apparent irony on a high-profile chat show he had met the aliens in 1997.

In an equally bizarre twist, Andrei Lebedev, an MP for the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party, has now written to President Dmitry Medvedev raising fears that secret information could have been disclosed in the close encounter.

"I ask you to say if the head of Kalmykia has made an official report to the Russian presidency about his contacts with representatives of an alien civilisation," he said, quoted by tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda and other media.

"Is there an established procedure of informing about such contacts by high ranking people who have access to secret information like Ilyumzhinov?”

"And did he in the course of his seemingly innocent conversation disclose secret information?"

Ilyumzhinov had said in his comments, broadcast in late April, that the aliens appeared in a transparent tube on the balcony of his apartment in Moscow.

"I was reading my book, watching television and had almost fallen asleep. Then I felt that someone was calling.”

"I would not have believed it, if I had not had three witnesses -- my driver, my minister and my aide," he said.