S Carolina senator fined for accepting illegal contributions

South Carolina Senator Jack Knotts was fined and publicly reprimanded for accepting illegal contributions, leaving her supporters upbeat.

Washington: South Carolina Senator Jack
Knotts, who had once racially attacked Indian American Nikki
Randhawa Haley, the Republican gubernatorial candidate for the
state, was fined and publicly reprimanded for accepting
illegal contributions, leaving her supporters upbeat.

Haley has been maintaining a double digit lead over
her Democratic rival Vincent Sheheen in the gubernatorial

Knotts became notorious earlier this summer for a
racially charged epithet he made against the GOP gubernational
nominee Haley, receiving widespread condemnation.

Haley`s supporters said it was time that Knotts be
said goodbye after the latter was fined USD 25,000 and
publicly reprimanded for accepting illegal contributions and
violating state campaign finance laws.

"The actions by Senator Knotts demonstrate that he is
unfit to hold office any longer in South Carolina," said
Indian American Conservative Council chairman Dino Teppara.

"Senator Knotts is part of the good ol` boys club in
South Carolina that thumb their noses at the law and he is a
throwback to an era long gone in America. We look forward to
saying good-bye and good riddance to him in 2012," Teppara

Earlier in the day, the Indian American Republican
Political Action Committee held a fund raiser for Haley, who
was here at the Capitol Hill to attend a series of fund
raising events.

"We are immensely proud of Nikki Haley`s success,"
said Sambhu Banik, a leading Republican from Maryland and PAC

"She embodies the best of a free-market, principled
Republican leader, and she is proud of her Indian heritage,
making her upcoming election a true American success story".

Impressed by her speech, Ravi Narayan, a Republican
leader from Virginia said, "Nikki is a polished, articulate
Republican leader, and she has handled herself with grace and
dignity despite being under constant political attack".

"She is a national figure and leader and I hope to see
her on a national ticket in the future," he said.

Nina Verghese, a member of the Indian American
Conservative Council`s board of directors stated, "as an
Indian American woman, I am so proud that Nikki is so brave in
standing up to people like Jake Knotts and refusing to bow to
their political attacks".

"She will make an outstanding Governor and I hope
members of the Indian American community will continue to
support her".

Suhail A Khan, also a member of the Council`s board of
directors said, the people of South Carolina are speaking
volumes by their support of Nikki Haley.

"As a volunteer for Bobby Jindal`s campaign for
Governor in 2003, I saw firsthand how Jindal`s leadership was
desperately needed to take Louisiana forward.

"I see a similarity now in South Carolina and know
that the people there will make the right choice, by promoting
Nikki and retiring throwbacks like Knotts forever," Khan said.

Haley, who all throughout has maintained a double
digit lead over her Democratic rival Sheheen is been seen by
political analysts as the winner of the November elections.

Jennifer Duffy, analyst for the non-partisan Cook
Political Report told The Washington Times that Haley is
expected to win, but added the race is still one to watch.