Search for crashed AirAsia plane: As it happened on Thursday

Search for crashed AirAsia plane: As it happened on Thursday
  • Many media reports have widely published one of the Instagram posts by Khairunnisa Haidar Fauzi, the 22-year-old flight stewardess, who posted a picture of a love note jotted down on a napkin and placed on a cabin window, that read, "I love you from 38,000ft".

According to a report in the Mirror, the posts are meant for her boyfriend, Divo, who is mentioned in several of her posts, most recently with their names engraved in sand on a beach.

  • In a moving love note posted on Instagram, a flight stewardess, who was identified as one of the 7 bodies pulled from the sea, wrote, "I love you from 38,000 feet"

  • Even as questions remain on how and why AirAsia Flight 8501 crashed into the Java Sea, a report has emerged that says that the airlines were warned about over-reliance on automation 16 months ago. According to a report in The Independent, the US safety regulators had expressed “concerns about degradation of pilot knowledge and skills” and cautioned against pilot's dependence upon  automation.
  • AirAsia Flight 8501 wreckage may have drifted by more than 50 km from the crash site as bad weather continued to obstruct the search operations, an Indonesian official was quoted as saying by some media reports. The official added that some bodies could also end up on beaches.

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  • Yesterday Indonesian searchers had obtained a Sonar image that shows a large object - purportedly believed to be the missing's plane wreckage lying on the ocean floor. The divers were on Thursday waiting to descend 30-50 metres (100-165 feet) deep in the Java Sea to ascertain if the object is Airbus A320-200.
  • However, AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes in a tweet, hoped that the latest information about the plane wreckage to be true and that "the aircraft has been found".



  • In what raises doubts at plane's location, a search official has said that it could take 'a week' to find the black box flight data and voice recorders, Toos Sanitiyoso, an air safety investigator with the National Committee for Transportation Safety told Reuters.
  • So far, at least seven bodies have been recovered from waters near the suspected crash site, along with debris such a suitcase, an emergency slide and a life jacket.
  • However, after a clear morning on Thursday, the weather worsened again, dousing hopes of better recovery efforts. 

    "Clouds have started to descend again... and the weather conditions will deteriorate again," the BBC quoted search and rescue official Tatang Zaenudin.

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  • "The weather is clear today. We`re making an all-out effort to search for bodies and locate the fuselage," a search and rescue official told AFP.

    He added that international experts too would join Indonesian investigators to locate the fuselage, expecting an "underwater beacon"  to detect the weak signal transmitted by the ELT (emergency locator transmitter).

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  • Some of the bodies might be in the fuselage, the BBC quoted search and rescue co-ordinator Sunarbowo Sand as speaking from his base in Pangkalan Bun on Borneo island. he best explained the search efforts now as "a race against time and weather".

  • Thursday looks like an important day for the search officials as a better weather today will allow the divers to intensify their recue efforts as they try to recover more bodies and also the plane's black box that contains vital information about the crash.
  • According to a report in The Telegraph, a total of nine bodies have been recovered from the Java Sea so far.
  • Two of the bodies, of a male and a female, were flown in coffins numbered 001 and 002, to Surabaya for identification.
  • Till yesterday, seven bodies had been pulled out of the sea before the weather worsened hampering the rescuers' work.
  • The searchers will on Thursday try to retrieve more bodies and also locate the plane's black box and fuselage.
  • The search for the missing plane that is said to have crashed in Java Sea on Sunday morning, resumed on Thursday as the weather cleared.
  • It was travelling at 32,000 feet (9,753 metres) and had asked to fly at 38,000 feet, officials said earlier.

  • The plane, which did not issue a distress signal, disappeared after its pilot failed to get permission to fly higher to avoid bad weather because of heavy air traffic, officials said.

  • Indonesia AirAsia`s Flight QZ8501, an Airbus A320-200, went off the radars early on Sunday during as it tried to climb to avoid bad weather on a flight from Surabaya to Singapore.

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