Security raid in southern Russia leaves 8 dead

A security raid near Chechnya has left 8, including a child, dead.

Russia: A security raid in
the Russian province of Dagestan near Chechnya has left 6
suspected militants, a police officer and a child dead, while
another policeman was killed in a separate attack, officials
said on Monday.

Vyacheslav Gasanov, a spokesman for the Russian
Interior Ministry`s branch in the region, said police
encircled the suspects in a house in the village of Kirov-aul
in western Dagestan yesterday. The militants refused to
surrender and were killed in a gunbattle that also left one
policeman dead.

Gasanov said that a 9-year-old boy was killed by a
stray bullet.

In a separate attack yesterday in Khasavyurt town just
east of the administrative border with Chechnya, an
unidentified gunman shot and killed a police officer at a
cafe, Gasanov said.

In another incident yesterday, a policeman opened fire
at a vehicle whose driver tried to avoid a check of identity
papers. A passenger of another vehicle was wounded by a stray
bullet, Gasanov said.

Dagestan and nearby provinces in Russia`s North
Caucasus suffer near-daily violence linked to an Islamic
insurgency that spread across the region after two separatist
wars in neighbouring Chechnya.