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Senate condemns cyber attack against Google in China

Last Updated: Wednesday, February 3, 2010 - 21:17

Washington: The US Senate on Wednesday unanimously
passed a bipartisan resolution condemning recent cyber attacks
launched against Google in China and reaffirming strong
support for freedom of expression and press freedom around the

In the case of the Google attack where at least 34
other major companies were also reportedly targeted
evidence suggests the attackers` primary goal was to access
Gmail accounts of journalists, human rights activists and
dissidents, the resolution said.
Introduced by Senators Ted Kaufman, Sam Brownback, Bob
Casey, Jon Kyl, Russ Feingold, Joseph Lieberman, Jim Webb,
Arlen Specter and John McCain, the resolution called on the
Chinese government to conduct a thorough probe into the
attacks, and also make the results of the investigation

It also voiced support for a recent initiative announced
by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to encourage Internet
freedom by promoting technology to circumvent electronic
censorship and monitoring worldwide.

The resolution also highlights the range of efforts
within China to restrict press freedom and freedom of
expression, especially on the Internet.

"The Senate spoke in one voice, calling on the Chinese
government to investigate and explain the recent cyber attacks
and expressing serious concern about ongoing attempts by China
and other countries to restrict press and Internet freedom,"
said Senator Kaufman.
"This resolution reaffirms freedom of expression and the
press as cornerstones of US foreign policy and we will
continue to take measures to promote these fundamental
freedoms and rights globally. Governments who use technology
to silence their citizens or restrict the free flow of
information should consider themselves on notice," he said.

"It is important that the US not stand idly as China
infringes on the free flow of information. Tearing down
Internet cyberwalls and condemning illegal cyber attacks are
vital actions the US must take to enable freedom of thought,
expression and the unimpeded flow of ideas and information,"
said Senator Specter.

Senator Brownback said the US government should do
everything it can to promote Internet freedom around the

"Unfortunately, the Chinese government is systematically
censoring the online activities of its citizens. The current
on-going situations in countries like Iran and China
illustrate how the growth of Internet freedom could encourage
peaceful political progress and strengthen our national
security," he said.

Senator Casey said press and Internet freedom is more
under pressure around the world ? the treatment of Google in
China is only the latest example of an increasingly closed
environment for the Internet, bloggers and journalists.

"Unfortunately, recent reports about the behavior of the
Chinese government in cyberspace are raising global doubts
about its willingness to be a responsible stakeholder in our
international system," said Senator Lieberman.


First Published: Wednesday, February 3, 2010 - 21:17
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