Should Scotland move out of the UK?

Last Updated: Monday, June 25, 2012 - 18:54

London: Campaign over Scotland’s independence gained steam on Monday with a furious debate over the controversial question - Should Scotland move out of the UK and become independent?

the parties opposed to idea - labour, conservative and liberal democrats launched a coordinated `better together` campaign in edinburgh.

high profile pro-independence supported by celebrity scots such as actor sean connery was scottish national party (snp) on may 27. snp is ruling scotland parliament, referred holyrood.

government ruled planning referendum question of independence autumn 2014, with both sides making their pitch detail, including benefits drawbacks leaving united kingdom.

hundreds thousands leaflets were handed better together today at train station, setting out case for keeping uk.

launching anti-independence campaign, senior labour leader former chancellor alistair darling said there will be no way back from independence, compared it buying "a one-way ticket send our children deeply uncertain destination".

According to Darling, Scotland could have the "best of both worlds", with a strong parliament at Holyrood and a secure place in the United Kingdom?

The campaign countered the case for independence put forth by the SNP.

He said: "When Scotland votes in the referendum, we will face a historic choice which will shape our country and our families` futures, not just for the lifespan of a parliament, but for generations to come".

Darling added: "We make a positive case for staying together. A positive case that celebrates not just what makes us distinctive but also celebrates what we share. We put the positive case for staying together.

We are positive about our links with the rest of the United Kingdom, through families and friendships, through trade and through shared political, economical and cultural institutions."

He said the better Together campaign were comfortable with the identities of being Scottish, British, European, citizens of the world, "and don`t see the need to abandon any of them."

Countering the Better Together campaign launch, SNP leader and First Minister Alex Salmond said Darling`s "threadbare" case against independence was "exposed by the weakness of his arguments".


First Published: Monday, June 25, 2012 - 18:54

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