Singhs stay where Kate Middleton`s mom grew up

An Indian-origin Singh family is now living in a tiny terrace house in which Kate Middleton`s mother grew up.

London: An Indian-origin Singh family is
now living in a tiny terrace house in which Prince William`s
bride-to-be Kate Middleton`s mother grew up, with the
occupants saying they are "lucky" to have a home with such a

According to the Daily Express, Carole Middleton lived
in the `tiny pebble-dashed terrace house`, but will soon be
more used to Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

Carole, 55, and her brother Gary were brought up in
relative poverty by their parents, shop assistant Dorothy and
lorry driver Ronald Goldsmith.

When the family lived in the street in the early
sixties it was a staunchly working class area with many
residents working in nearby factories.

The present occupants of the house in Hartington Road,
the Singh family, had no idea their home was connected to the

Warehouse worker Jorawar Singh, 23, shares the
property with his five cousins and brothers.

Singh said: "I would never have thought that anyone
related to the Royal Family would live in this house.

I`m very surprised but this is good news for the area."

His cousin, Amarpreet Kaur, 29, said: "I`m very
pleased. We`re lucky to have a house with such a history."

Shop manager Resham Nirmal, 32, said: "The mum of the
future Queen lived here? Incredible. It makes me feel royal as


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